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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about our services.

How can Arrow help my business?

We are a growth agency focused on omni-channel conversions. We gain a thorough understanding of your ideal customer and craft a message with a level of resonance that elicits emotion and motivates them to act. Promoting your business and initiating new meaningful conversations with targeted prospects.

When can I expect to see results?

This is contingent upon the channels you utilise, your competition, your budget, and the state of your marketing strategy prior to our engagement. However, as a general rule, after the first three months, you should notice an increase in online visibility and improvements in your key metrics and goals (the first three months are all about developing the digital strategy and laying the foundations of a successful long-term project). After three months, we should have established a foundation that generates qualified leads or conversions on demand.

Why use Arrow over in-house hires?

In comparison to an employee with a broad understanding of digital marketing, our team of digital experts consists of experienced and accredited specialists. Our experts are industry leaders in B2B Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising, Website Development, Funnel Optimisation, Content Marketing, Branding, Marketing Automation, and Video Sales Letters. With the assistance of our digital strategy experts, all of your digital channels will work cohesively and effectively. We work as an extension of your team, providing services that are impossible to replicate in-house.

What is your onboarding process?

1. Once we've made a decision to proceed, we'll sign the contract and collect payment.
2. After you've signed the contract and paid for your services, you'll receive an email inviting you to create an account on our Portal.
3. Once you've created an account, proceed through the onboarding process to provide our team with all of the information necessary to begin working on your project.
4.Following that, you'll schedule an onboarding call to finalise any remaining details and establish a clear strategy for moving forward. Finally, we'll schedule a kick-off meeting to show you everything before launching.

How often are results reported?

When it comes to our clients, we truly believe in transparency (it's one of our four core values). To achieve the highest level of transparency, we provide you with access to your own private portal, (which includes a 360-degree view of your project and its most recent results). We do not have access to any marketing data that our clients do not. Our simple, easy-to-use portal enables you to quickly access the results of your campaigns without having to go back and forth.

Do you offer consultancy?

Yes, we offer Digital Marketing consulting services. Our experts will conduct an audit of your current marketing strategy and provide you with recommendations, as well as explaining how we can assist you.