Assured Lettings & Management

How we designed Assured Lettings & Management's website

Within 2 weeks, we wire-framed, designed and wrote the copy for Assured Lettings & Management's new site.

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Website Development 



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Project Overview

The CEO of Assured Lettings & Management, Andrew, wanted to launch his new site and drive traffic as quickly as possible after spotting a new opportunity in the market.The objective was to create a site with a distinctive architecture, design, and navigation in order to facilitate browsing and provide a more seamless user experience than competitors.

Project Execution

Following a meeting with Andrew where we clearly define the overall objectives and timeframe for execution, we immediately got to work. The first step in any new project is a clear wireframe and once this was agreed upon, our team immediately began gathering content and filling in details.

➤     Emphasise On User Experience (UX)

➤     Unique and Modern Design

➤     SEO and Load Speed Focused

➤     Increasing Brand Awareness

Project Results

After the initial concepts were agreed upon within 2 weeks we were able to copy-write, design and publish the site from scratch in time for New Year. The website has a distinctive architecture, design, and navigation which provides a more seamless user experience than competitors. Additionally, by successfully developing his brand, we were able to maintain brand consistency across all marketing channels and touch points, ensuring that the brand remains easily identifiable.

 ➤     Unique and Modern Design

➤     Optimised for Laptop, Mobile and Tablets

➤     Seamless User Experience (UX)

➤     Efficient SEO and Load Speed

➤     Increased Brand Awareness