Clarity Homes & Commercial

How we increased Clarity's conversion rate from 1% to 34.3%

In the first 90 days, we increased Clarity's conversion rate from 1% to 34.3% and generated 718 new leads.

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Funnel Development



Increased Conversion Rate By

Project Overview

After aggressively scaling his business during lockdown, Andrew, the CEO of Clarity Homes and Commercial, needed a digital marketing agency to manage all of his digital bases, allowing him to focus on growing the company. He was looking for a dependable way to generate qualified leads without having to rely on positive word-of-mouth and networking.

Project Execution

Within four weeks, our team visited one of his sites, gathered all of the necessary information about what a classified lead is, developed and optimised a Sales Funnel, and launched Paid Advertisements.

➤     Establishing Audience Segmentation and Market Resonance

➤     Conversion-Oriented Development

➤     Solicit Feedback On Data

Project Results

After launching Clarity's campaign, the conversion rate was 6.7%. However, after analysing the data, we optimised and significantly increased the conversion rate. As a result, 718 new leads were generated at an average cost of £23.26 (per lead) and a conversion rate of 34.3%. ​Eventually, due to the overwhelming volume of leads we were providing Clarity, we were forced to pause their campaign due to their inability to take on additional work.

➤      718 Leads

➤     £23.26 Per Qualified Lead

➤     34.3% Conversion Rate Increase