How we generated SalonIQ 74 appointments with qualified prospects

Within 90 days of working with SalonIQ, we generated 74 sales calls with qualified leads.

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Decrease In Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) by

Project Overview

The co-founders of SalonIQ, David and Andy, built a bootstrapped SaaS company for hair salons based in the United Kingdom. Unlike their competitors, they lacked cash and required a repeatable method of generating leads. They primarily relied on word-of-mouth advertising and had experimented with Google and Facebook ads.

However, after working with a different agency, they were on the verge of abandoning the idea due to the £500 cost of obtaining a lead. They desired a predictable, repeatable, and scalable method for their sales team to generate leads on demand, which is where we come in.

Project Execution

The first step in any advertising campaign is to analyse the environment in which we are operating. After realising the magnitude of the task at hand, it was time to get to work. We began by creating a brand identity for SalonIQ and clearly defining their customer avatar. Following that, we concentrated on the 'offer' and gathered case studies from their large clientele and shifted our focus to the messaging.

➤     Unique Value Proposition (UVP) Creation

➤     Created a Database of Qualified Prospects

➤     Optimised Based On Data

Project Results

Our email campaign was a huge success. We generated 74 leads in the first 90 days at an average cost per lead of £100 – a cost per lead reduction of 80% over the previous agency SalonIQ worked with.

➤      74 Leads

➤     £100 Cost-Per-Lead

➤     80% Decrease in Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)