The One Academy

How we generated The One Academy with 444 leads in 5 days

Within 90 days of working with The One Academy, we decreased their cost-per-lead (CPL) by 93%.

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Video Sales Letter



Decrease In Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)

Project Overview

The Co-Founders of The Online Nutritional Education/ The One Academy, Hayden and Ryan, are on a mission to ensure that their weight-loss education reaches every female in need. They had already aided over 89,000 women, but desired to have a greater impact on lives. They noticed a decline in their overall reach after amassing an impressive 400,000+ organic followers. They require a complete rewrite of their current campaigns, from the video sales letter to the funnel and advertisements.

Project Execution

Within six weeks of collaborating with us, the sales pages, outbound messaging, and advertisements were live, and sales calls were flying in. His sales team was closing sales, but there was a decline in qualified buyers. As a result, we shifted our emphasis onto a Video Sales Letter. After incorporating this into the funnel, the results increased dramatically.

➤     Define Product Market Fit

➤     Re-Structure Based On Data

➤     Write Dynamic Sales Letter

Project Results

After re-launching the campaign with an embedded sales letter, results increased by tenfold overnight. The cost of acquiring a lead decreased from £11.92 to £0.83 and we managed to generate 444 leads in the first five days of launch.

➤     444 Leads

➤     £0.83p Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)

➤     93% Decrease In Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)