6 LinkedIn Growth Tips

Whilst you may understand the importance of establishing your brand on LinkedIn, determining how to organically grow your page can be difficult. Read our organic growth strategies for LinkedIn.

Having a LinkedIn business page can assist you in breaking down barriers and enabling you to pursue opportunities you never imagined. With 722 million members (and growing), it's a must-have for businesses looking to establish a strong, well-known online presence.

Most importantly, when creating your LinkedIn page, you must establish a consistent brand. To accomplish this, make your cover and profile pictures stand out as much as possible, and use your company's colours and fonts consistently. This also applies to content creation, and you should never forget that your brand's tone of voice plays a role in branding. Are you comfortable with the tone of your voice and the manner in which you promote your business?

This may seem self-explanatory, but it is an essential component of growth. Set aside 10 minutes each morning or afternoon to read through comments, responding to them as you go. This will not only increase the number of comments, but will also increase the visibility of your page. Remember to engage with and comment on other businesses as well. Lastly, inviting personal connections to become followers of your business page is a work of brilliance. You never know who might be interested in your business, whether it's colleagues or a former university lecturer!

Content is critical for growth, as it ensures that you have a diverse range of posts that are relatable to a variety of users e.g. educational, informational, inspirational, reactive and promotional. This is entirely dependent on your audience and the demographic you're trying to reach, but rotating content types will ensure that followers see a variety of posts. Not only that, but if users see you experimenting, they will be more receptive to your business. Nobody wants to constantly be bombarded with the same content in varying forms.

By varying your hashtags, you can organically gain new followers while retaining existing ones. Hashtags help LinkedIn organise content in a way that makes it easy for users to find specific content using key words. If you include industry- or topic-specific hashtags in your posts, users searching for content on specific topics will have an easier time finding it. As a result, your post will not only appear more frequently in someone's feed, but it will also appear in hashtag search results.

You're going to grow your audience much faster if you learn from your mistakes. LinkedIn analytics can provide valuable insight into what works and what does not, and you should use this information to inform your strategy. Which types of content generate the highest levels of engagement? Which CTAs generate the most clicks? Which headlines pique the interest of your audience? These are all questions that your analytics can help you answer. The larger your audience grows, the more data you'll have to help you create optimised content that drives traffic to your website.

To effectively communicate with your target audience, you must ensure that your copy is visually appealing and compelling enough to capture their attention. Rather than simply posting text updates on your LinkedIn Page, embed images and videos to make your page more dynamic and your posts more noticeable. According to research, members are 20x more likely to share a video on LinkedIn than any other type of post.

“Hopefully, these LinkedIn growth tips will help you boost your LinkedIn engagement and reach!”

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