8 Useful Competitor Analysis Tools

Rather than wasting valuable time prying on competitors, let productive tools do the work for you! We've compiled a list of competitor analysis tools you should be using.

It's always beneficial to know your competitive landscape, whether on social media or in terms of website traffic. Many online tools provide quick statistics that you can use to see what your competitors are up to and how you can improve your current strategy. Here are 8 tools for competitor analysis that you should use!

This all-in-one marketing tool enables you to analyse your competitors' top organic and paid keywords, as well as their backlinks. Utilise this tool to monitor the performance of your website and compare it to that of similar websites. Several key metrics to monitor include keywords for which your competitors are ranking, the volume of organic and paid search traffic, and backlinks. With a free account, you'll receive five reports per day - more than enough to monitor your competitors. If you pay for premium services, however, you can receive up to 3000 daily reports.

Social Blade
This is an excellent tool for tracking social media statistics. Utilise this tool to gain insight into social media trends and to collect detailed data. Social Blade will provide you with information about a competitor's follower count, engagement rate, and average likes, among other things. You can even use it to compare your own profiles. The best feature of Social Blade is the compare tab, which enables direct comparison of two profiles' statistics.

SimilarWeb aggregates website and paid search traffic to provide a holistic view of your and your competitors' data. Not only does it provide detailed metrics, but it also displays information such as which advertising method your competitor is most likely to use. Additionally, you can view your competitor's audience demographics and interests. SimilarWeb is completely free to use; however, premium services are available for a more detailed analysis.

Sprout Social
This social media management tool enables you to schedule social media content, but it also enables you to analyse competitor social media performance from a variety of angles and data points. With rich data points available across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can use Sprout's suite of competitive reports to assess and optimise your social strategy.

This SEO competitor analysis tool displays the most relevant organic keywords for any URL. Additionally, you will receive a rough estimate of how much traffic a competitor receives for those keywords. It enables you to determine the most effective content on a website based on backlinks and identifies the products and messaging that work best for a brand. Along with determining the most effective content, you determine which keywords drive the most traffic to a competitor's website.

If you're interested in a competitor's paid advertisements, iSpionage is a must-have. This tool analyses numerous aspects of PPC campaigns, including the number of AdWords keywords targeted by a brand. Additionally, you can see which PPC keywords they are targeting. Additionally, you can see who else is bidding on PPC ads for a particular topic, as well as their projected monthly budget. This tool is critical for brands considering PPC to maintain realistic expectations for ad spend.

This tool enables you to analyse the most popular content on topics relevant to your brand and specific competitors. It analyses a piece of content's engagement on social media platforms as well as its total web shares. Not only does this inform you of who is dominating industry content, but it also assists you in identifying potentially hot topics to explore on your own. Whether you're looking for industry influencers or just a new topic for a blog post, Buzzsumo provides definitive answers.

This Instagram engagement calculator will inform you of the level of activity among a given account's followers. This is an excellent resource for analysing the Instagram presence of your competitors. Additionally, it serves as a means of determining whether an influencer has a legitimate following. The engagement ratio of a Phlanx account is calculated by comparing the number of followers to the rate at which followers interact with content (likes, comments, etc).

“Hopefully, these Competitor Analysis Tools will assist you in gaining a competitive edge over your rivals!”

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